Palm Beach

Innovations unlock lifestyle for a new beach community

Sep 30, 2020

An innovative approach to delivering lifestyle is changing the face of the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales and…

An innovative approach to delivering lifestyle is changing the face of the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales and helping the property market thrive despite Covid-19 concerns.

Sherpa Property Group recorded accelerating sales through the last 12 months on the back of products that people have always wanted but were previously unable to find.

Covid restrictions weren’t even a blip on the radar, according to Sherpa’s CEO, Christie Leet, as untapped demand for “right” property overrode any uncertainty in the market.

“We believe the demand has always been there for value-for-money beachfront homes and lower-density apartments,” he said.

“It just hasn’t been available so people have compromised and been forced to settle for what was out there,” he said.

Sherpa has created two innovative brands – Freedom Homes and Coastal Perspective.

The Freedom Homes brand brings free-standing separately-titled family homes to market on beachside blocks that are traditionally bought for unit development.

The Perspective projects deliver apartment living with a difference. Because they are aimed at owner-occupiers rather than the cash-conscious investment market, they are designed for maximum lifestyle rather than maximum yield.

“What we have as a result is a much lower density apartment project that delivers more of the “spacious house” feeling and an emphasis on living.

Sherpa Property Group has found its niche both with style of living and location. Concentrating on the coast from Cabarita in the south to Palm Beach in the north, Sherpa has tapped into lifestyle drivers of long-time locals and visitors alike.

“We believe we have the formula right and we’re delivering great outcomes for purchasers but also for owners of land that is suitable for development or property suitable for redevelopment,” Christie said.

If you have any development opportunities on the books, or coming onto the books, take the first steps to converting the maximum return by calling Sherpa on 0407 775 488.

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