Real value in 'the experience'

Real value in ‘the experience’

Dec 9, 2020

VALUE creation is the driving force behind property development but where that value is measured can make all the difference.…

VALUE creation is the driving force behind property development but where that value is measured can make all the difference.

Sherpa Property Group believes true value is not in product profits (nor even measured in dollars). True value is expressed in a customer’s experience.

Lead Sherpa, Christie Leet, said the boss of any development was always the customer or the end-user.

“Our focus is on maximising the customer experience because we know if we get that right, everything else will fall into place,” he said.

“We acquire sites, conceptualise design, coordinate consultants, obtain approvals, select builders and produce a product that our customers wouldn’t have otherwise been able to achieve on their own or often even conceptualise.”

Sherpa Property Group has established a great reputation for innovative projects, generally in beachfront or beachside locations, that sell out quickly.

“Rather than maximising yield and a cookie-cutter approach, Sherpa’s feasibility starts with the uniqueness of product, a ‘less is more’ approach,”

Mr Leet

“Our focus is to ensure that, come settlement time, your acquisition has appreciated in value and is worth more than you have paid for it.

“We strongly believe in leaving something on the table for the next person. This is the Sherpa way.”

With a number of projects selling out in 2020, despite uncertain times, Sherpa is often asked about the key to their marketing success.

“To us, marketing starts with amazing sites developed in a unique way. Less is always more,” Mr Leet said.

“We appreciate people have probably heard before how a developer’s approach is “different”. But we stand by our beliefs and have surprised a lot of people in the industry with our approach.”

Recent projects on the Gold Coast include:

  • Freedom Rainbow Bay: 16 beach houses rather than 157 apartments that were previously approved
  • Freedom Golden Four Drive: 4 beach homes rather than a basement and 10 apartments
  • Perspective 202: 5 full-floor residences with garages rather than a basement and 10 x 2 per floor apartments
  • Perspective 488: 3 freehold beach homes and 8 full-floor residences rather than 32 apartments

Mr Leet said Sherpa managed projects from acquisition through to delivery, often charting journeys and destinations that asset owners might never have considered.

“We might not be carrying their life in our hands, but owners have entrusted us with the journey of their asset creation, and we take that very seriously,” he said

“That journey should see us arrive above the clouds, to a view envied by all – but enjoyed by a very few.”

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